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A book that became popular, got a lot of grown men out there on track and, of course, showed a lot of good people that there is a way to be even better. 

It's not about a book that makes men feel bad, it's about a book that brings harsh realities capable of making us reflect. If these behaviors still exist, we need to identify them so they do not happen again.



You know that touch you always wanted to give your co-worker, but never found a good opportunity to do so?
Now you can send a copy of the book completely free of charge and without identifying yourself. 


You will do good, but you won't be able to take credit for it.

Thanks for sharing!



A Practical Guide for Men Who Are Tired of Being Sexist at Work and in Life

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You can also read the book here.


The Union of Servers of the Federal Legislative Power and the Court of Audit of the Union (Sindilegis) was founded on October 6, 1988, the day after the promulgation of the Federal Constitution of 1988, at the dawn of Brazilian redemocratization.


It has 34 years of history, with more than 10 thousand affiliated servers and national and international awards for its advocacy in defense of public service and causes common to Brazilian society as a whole, such as combating femicide and sexism.
Representing employees of the Chamber of Deputies, the Federal Senate, and the Court of Audit of the Union, Sindilegis has already led three
prominent campaigns in the fight against violence against women.

For 2023, the initiative for International Women’s Day is this one that comes to your hands, the second edition of the book “How Not to Be a Jerk,” an updated version written by a team of women – from Sindilegis, the agency and the AzMina collective – to raise awareness among men about the reproduction of sexist behavior and comments, which drive women away from opportunities and diminish them simply because they are women. Read, study, and do your part to get out of the statistics.

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